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Air France A380 is now allowed to carry air packs on all flights between Dubai and Paris

Air France A380 is now allowed to carry air packs on all flights between Dubai and Paris

Lufthansa Says Apple AirTags Are Once Again Allowed in Checked Bags


For years, the air bags of Lufthansa fliers have been a little sticky. They were allowed to carry one on the plane for one hour on certain flights, so that passengers could defog them with plastic wrap. But in 2007, the Lufthansa AG, the largest carrier in Germany, said that the air bags were too hot to handle, and that checked bags were acceptable.

While other airlines (like British Airways) have followed suit, the Lufthansa ban is still in effect. Last year, the airline’s board of directors announced that it was scrapping the policy.

It was reported on Wednesday that the Air France A380, the world’s largest airliner, is now allowed to carry the air packs on flights between Dubai and Paris.

The Air France A380 is, without question, the world’s largest airliner, or, really, any airplane. It has the capacity to carry more passengers, cargo, and people than the entire European Union and all of Japan combined. And it flies at twice the speed of a Boeing 747.

That’s right…a 747. A 747! The world’s largest passenger airplane. And this airplane is allowed to carry an air packs on all flights between Dubai and Paris?

What kind of crazy world would we live in if that weren’t the case? How safe is this jet? How many life-threatening passenger and cargo plane crashes have been caused by a faulty air pack?

According to the Air France, the “air packs” were discovered earlier this year when they were checking passports on board of the A380. They were discovered to be too hot, and the heat of the plane was transferred directly to the passengers and crew, causing a burn.

The airline says that the bags were removed from the planes.

At press time, the Lufthansa Board of Directors had announced the end of its policy in Germany back in November after realizing that the policy created a significant increase of the number of complaints about the air packs being

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