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John isn’t signing Ichiro Suzuki, but he’s looking for a job

John isn't signing Ichiro Suzuki, but he's looking for a job

In a giant sing-along, the sun goes down on Elton John at Dodger Stadium over the weekend, but he’s still up in the air. He’s got an interview with the Sun-Times that is scheduled for Monday, but he still doesn’t know whether he’ll sign.

“I’m looking for a job,” he said. “I get itchy when you say you’ll give me a year,” but he hopes to be “more than good.” He was talking on the phone from England. “Look, we’ll just call it a year when I get back. And I know if I go to Japan I’ll want to take a year off. But I don’t want to take a year off and get a job.”

John, in a year, will be 48. He’s got some unfinished business to go to Japan.

But just in case he isn’t signed, he has one more reason to be nervous. It’s his birthday, and he figures he could use some peace and quiet.

A day after signing his new four-year deal with the Yankees, John gave a press conference in Japan.

In case you didn’t know, John is still playing in Japan, which is part of his career. He’s playing out there, just as he had planned, with his English tour. He played the Tokyo Dome on Saturday night, winning $13,000 and leading to some speculation that in a year he will be back at Dodger Stadium, where he is still performing.

On Monday, John will give a public signing in Los Angeles, where he’s not yet signed. That’s fine with him. But, for some reason, he doesn’t want to be the guy to sign the Yankee outfielder Ichiro Suzuki.

John can’t say it was his idea to bring Suzuki to Dodger Stadium that day. He did say he was proud of all the things he’s done “along the way,” and he hoped he had shown people around the world what sort of baseball player he is

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