Author: Jacob CEO Mike Masnick’s email to supporters says abortion should be illegal in Texas CEO Mike Masnick’s email to supporters says abortion should be illegal in Texas

Why the C.E.O. Behind and Tinder Took a Stand on the Texas Abortion Law

On Saturday, the CEO of, which recently became the first dating website to offer paid same-sex matches, sent an email to supporters outlining why he believes that abortion should be illegal in Texas.

“We are writing to let you know that our plans to continue to offer a paid matching feature to the State of Texas have been made public,” the email said. “We do not feel that we can morally justify supporting the current legislation in public and in the press as we continue to offer our customers a paid feature that requires them to make a choice and support the law.”

In his email he went on to say that the company was not “a political organization, nor do we make political decisions.” However, he then decided that “this is an issue that has to be raised and discussed.”

The letter from Mike Masnick, editor of, was picked up by many other media outlets and news sources like CNN, The Los Angeles Times, and other major news outlets.

“If companies like mine or want to have their political opinions represented by the media, then they should at least be honest about it,” said Rep. Joe Pitts, a Pennsylvania Republican who was among the lawmakers who wrote to the company.

But the company’s action may not necessarily be seen as a major political issue by the media, especially when it comes to a company as politically neutral as The fact that the company took a strong stand on the issue likely will not be reported. And because they have not taken a position on the issue, the only coverage of their decision likely will come from liberal outlets.

The email from Masnick was sent out just days after he announced that would end their matching

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