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Roger Federer is retiring

Roger Federer is retiring

World of sport reacts to Roger Federer’s retirement

The word ‘retire’ is one that we don’t like to use any more. Not because it is an ugly-sounding word, but because those who have spent decades performing a certain act – in the past, they could be athletes, or actors, or musicians, or writers – usually feel it is best to put an end to their active lives. So let us set aside the whole word retirement for a moment and just look at the man who has achieved the status of ‘being retired’.

It is almost certain that he will not be playing tennis again and is probably doing exactly what he wanted to do when he stopped playing, which is to make a film. Or, at least, he could be playing tennis again and he would probably have enjoyed it more. I don’t doubt that he would have enjoyed it more: what a great job he would have done to keep working on the script for his film project.

When The New Yorker published a profile of him in July, he said he was retiring at the end of that month. When he made his announcement, he said he had no idea how he was going to continue for as long as he wanted to. But he is a great golfer and loves the game, so he must have enjoyed the process of making his new film.

And what a relief it is that the sport is back! It is nice to have this break from the sport. I know some people will be happy for Roger Federer because it means he will be free to spend more time with his family and to travel the world, but I don’t care about what people say about Roger Federer at the moment. He is a great tennis player and is still playing with the same hunger that he had earlier.

But the game is back and Roger is back too. I am a tennis player myself and I am not happy. On the contrary, it means I am unhappy and that the only thing I have to look forward to is a world in which tennis continues to be played but, at least, at least it will be with more gusto.

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