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The Man Who Takes the Oath of Office

The Man Who Takes the Oath of Office

Jackie Calmes: Ron DeSantis proves that cruetly is a Republican trait

As soon as I laid eyes on the tall, dark and handsome politician who took the oath of office in the shadow of the Capitol last week, I knew I’d seen the man.

A few years ago, I attended a dinner at Fort Lauderdale’s Palm Beach County Club, where he spoke at the gala that was part of the city’s 50th anniversary celebration.

The crowd was enthusiastic, and the event was a success. And then he arrived, with his wife, Tiffany, and his brother, Adam.

At first, I thought it was like any other politician: a pretty good-looking guy and his pretty white wife in a conservative suit and red heels.

They were seated beside each other on one of the banquette-like tables. The first thing I noticed was their hair, which was short and neatly combed (which seemed odd, until I noticed that Ron had it styled into a neat side part, with a bang cut to the sides).

It was then that he began to move toward me. His smile appeared genuine, but I sensed a bit of a “who am I to judge a book by its cover” type of confidence.

And then he got down to business.

“I know it’s an election year and all,” he said, “but I’m a Republican first and foremost, and I know exactly what I’m doing.”

He was right.

I asked him, rhetorically if he was a Republican because of his good looks. He answered, “Because of the values of the party. And I’m going to make sure they’re in the party of good values over the long haul.”

His first impression of the Florida legislature was that it was “dead.” At least,

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