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The Republican Party’s Strategy to Divide America

The Republican Party’s Strategy to Divide America

Why Detroit Won’t Elect a Black Democrat to Congress This November

President Trump and the Republican Party have failed to unify the country after two years of Trump and the Republican Party, but if there is one thing the Republicans have always had in common, it is their desire to divide America as often as possible.

Since the election of President Donald Trump, the Republican Party has become more politically divisive than at any other time in modern history.

From launching a full-scale war against the media, to attacking the Supreme Court with a judicial purge agenda, to attacking every aspect of civil rights and social justice.

It is now evident they are willing to attack and divide America any way they can. By doing so, they are using every method they can to take America backward and make it more socially, politically, and economically divided.

The Republican Party has made it clear they will continue this strategy under a Trump administration.

In the meantime, this strategy has been failing with the election of Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016. Bernie Sanders proved that Democratic voters didn’t believe that the Republican Party was the party of conservative economic policies.

Bernie Sanders won because he focused on a policy that Democrats and Republicans alike agreed on when they voted for President Barack Obama, and that is increasing the minimum wage.

Bernie Sanders took a stand, a populist stand, while Donald Trump was focused on destroying the health care system from within.

The Democrats, like Bernie Sanders, are now moving forward on the issues they believe in.

Donald Trump has done his very best to turn America into a nation-wide war zone, like that of ISIS. This war has nothing to do with ISIS but rather has everything to do with Donald Trump’s desire to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

This has been the central argument by Trump and the Republican Party in 2017.

This has been a major reason Trump is unable to persuade voters to vote for him.

In order to win the 2016 election, Trump had to appeal to people who are already frustrated with the way things have been made.

If anything, he has only

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