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The Week in Review: The Week in Review

The Week in Review: The Week in Review

Commentary: ‘Star Wars’ has always been political. ‘Andor’ made it must-see TV.

Here’s how the week progressed:

July 30: “We got to talking during the show, and it was a great, great collaboration.”

Aug. 6: “We got that thing down in one day, and then I went home and we made another.”

Aug. 7: “It didn’t take long at all—and it was pretty amazing.”

Aug. 12: “We finished, looked at it, and realized this is a pretty incredible show. I think we’re really proud of it.”

Aug. 18: “We put the whole thing together because we wanted to make a fun show with great actors and really be creative with what we were capable of.”

Aug. 23: “I was sitting there going: ‘Yeah, that is awesome.’ But, we were doing it with an audience that really wanted to watch it.”

Aug. 27: “I actually really felt that it was going to be great.”

Aug. 29: “It took us less than a week to pull this off.”

Aug. 30: “We’ve never worked as hard as we have to create something that both audiences and actors really love.”

Sept. 1: “In my very first audition for the show, I didn’t have a single line. I was just going for the sake of it—I didn’t have an idea, I didn’t need an idea, I just had to do it. And now I’m in it. I’m not a character, I’m just not a stand-in for anybody. I’m me. I’m the show.”

Sept. 2: “We were shooting on a Friday, and the day ended up being a very long day. I was just on the set the entire time and was always in makeup. We had to do a lot of reshooting. But I loved the performance and I

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