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We Can’t Isolate Ourself

We Can’t Isolate Ourself

Vulnerable and Trapped: A Look at Those Lost in Hurricane Ian in the Pacific Northwest

We are so fortunate now that this part of the world has been spared the devastation that has struck the Eastern seaboard and a couple other coastal regions from Texas to Florida. I know for certain that if this were one of my own children, and there was a tragedy like Sandy, it would be a very different story.

But that is not the case. For those of us here in the Pacific Northwest, we are in the midst of a humanitarian and economic crisis. We cannot afford to be on the sidelines, and we have a responsibility to take a role on the ground here in Oregon and Washington.

This is our home. We should be here caring for each other, working towards a sustainable future for this region, and building a better and more harmonious world.

So as we approach the next wave of disasters and crises, we need to be thinking about how we can come together as a community and not isolate ourselves. After all, we need to do more than get through this. It is our mission to ensure our children have a world they can call their own.

What Hurricane Ian has done has a direct impact on Oregon and Washington, and, unfortunately, it will have its direct impact on our own communities, as well.

As Oregon prepares for this coming August, we must continue to focus on the future of our children. We need to be doing what needs to be done now for the long-term good of our children and our communities.

We must stop isolating ourselves and starting wars in the Middle East, because they are not going to make this world any better.

We must stop worrying about climate change. We have had enough of that. We must work towards keeping global warming under reasonable control. We have seen a clear example of that now, with Arctic ice melting at faster rates than we had anticipated and global sea levels rising.

These are all realities our children need to know now, not later when they are grown.

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